Senti Bio believes it can outsmart complex diseases and transform the future of medicine.

At Senti Bio, our vision is to become an industry leader in the cell and gene therapy landscape. We are pursuing this goal by advancing our gene circuit platform to discover, develop, manufacture and globally commercialize new classes of cell and gene therapies across multiple therapeutic areas and modalities.

Partnerships are important to our vision, and we have entered into collaborations with Spark Therapeutics (subsidiary of Roche Holding AG) for the use of cell type-specific Smart Sensors for CNS, eye and liver gene therapies, and with Bluerock Therapeutics (subsidiary of Bayer AG) for the use of Smart Sensors and Regulator Dials for regenerative medicines cell therapies. See data from our collaborations here.

We plan to continue maximizing the potential of our Gene Circuit Technologies via strategic collaborations in areas such as immunology, neuroscience, genetic disease, cardiovascular disease and regenerative medicine.

Engineering smarter medicines by programming cells with gene circuits