Together, we can outsmart complex diseases and transform the future of medicine.

At Senti, we are building a lasting company founded on our gene circuit technology—a company not with just one product or two, but a company that will bring tremendous value across a vast array of therapeutic areas.

Partnerships are an integral part of that vision, allowing us to explore the promise of gene circuits more broadly with teams that bring complementary capabilities and know-how.

Designing gene circuits and programming cells for tremendous therapeutic value.

Designing, testing, and optimizing gene circuits is what we do best and we view gene circuits as a critical component of any advanced cell and gene therapy. Gene circuits will enable truly dynamic cell and gene therapies that have the ability to discriminate between certain cell types, selectively express various payloads, and respond to diverse environments, for the treatment of a broad range of diseases.

Within Oncology, we are advancing our own portfolio of products and are interested in core partnerships to accelerate development and commercialization of these products. In other therapeutic areas, such as immunology, neuroscience, rare disease, and regenerative medicine, we are excited to collaborate with companies that possess deep disease area knowledge, indication expertise and complementary technical capabilities in order to build advanced gene circuit-based therapies.