Outsmarting complex diseases with more intelligent medicines

Senti is the next generation therapeutics company driven to create medicines that are programmable, controllable and designed to tackle even the most challenging diseases. Senti’s gene circuit platform programs cells to be targeted and responsive to disease states, which enables advanced therapeutics with unprecedented levels of activity and control.

The Senti gene circuit platform has the potential to usher in the next wave of medicine.

Building more control into everything we do


By programming cells to respond, adapt and make decisions, we can create smarter therapies with computer-like logic, enhanced functionality and greater control. Through the use of a rapid development process, which consists of design, build, test, learn, and improve, Senti’s approach accelerates the engineering of gene circuits into therapeutic development candidates.

Advances in synthetic biology have enabled human biology to be programmed similarly to a computer, allowing us to envision gene circuit therapies that tackle diseases in completely new ways”


Tim Lu, CEO

Senti Biosciences

Engineering smarter therapies 
with gene circuit technology 

Senti's initial therapeutic area of focus addresses critical unmet needs in oncology, such as the challenges presented by liquid and solid tumors. Senti will demonstrate the benefit of gene circuits in patients with cancer, and broadly apply its science to multiple disease areas, including autoimmune diseases, regenerative medicine, neurodegenerative diseases and genetic disorders.


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Our industry-leading partners share our vision to further enhance cell and gene therapies. 

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