Allogeneic NK Cells

Allogeneic Natural Killer (NK) Cells

Natural Killer (NK) cells are essential components of the immune system, playing an important role in the body’s defensive response against tumors and infected cells. Constantly patrolling the body to detect and neutralize foreign cells, NK cells are appealing as a potential therapeutic modality to address some of the most dire medical conditions, including cancer. Moreover, allogeneic NK cells have a favorable clinical safety profile and scalable allogeneic “off the shelf” manufacturing potential, enabling broad accessibility to patients.

Innate Killing

  • Inherently broad therapeutic mechanism of action
  • Tumor killing beyond target- mediated recognition
  • Anti-tumor activity and persistence validated in recent studies

Immune Activation

  • Proinflammatory cytokine and chemokine secretion
  • Endogenous response elicited for durable anti-tumor immunity
  • Synergy with T-cell activating therapies

Favorable Safety

  • Allogeneic NK cell safety validated in numerous clinical trials
  • Lower risk of GvHD, CRS, and neurotoxicity vs. CAR-T
  • Potential for outpatient administration

Broad Access

  • Low COGS
  • Improved manufacturability and product consistency
  • Rapid delivery to patients