Gene Circuit Technology Platform

Gene Circuits: Deployable into any Cell or Vector

Gene circuits can be deployed into a range of modalities for next-generation cell and gene therapies. We believe that gene circuit therapies may address unmet needs across multiple therapeutic areas.

Design. Build. Test. Learn.

Senti Bio has developed a Design-Build-Test-Learn platform to efficiently generate product candidates from gene circuits. The design platform can be generalized to any cell or gene therapy context, and powers Senti Bio's internal therapeutic programs as well as projects initiated externally by partners and collaborators.

Project Concepts from Senti Internal or Partners

Deliver Therapeutic Gene Circuits
for Preclinical and Clinical Development

Building the Future of Cell Therapies for Cancer Patients

We are developing product candidates to overcome key challenges for cell therapies in cancer, for both liquid and solid tumors. We are working on advanced targeting strategies to enable our cell therapies to eliminate cancerous cells while sparing healthy cells. We are also developing controlled cell therapies that feature tunable expression of potent payloads in order to drive optimal efficacy within the therapeutic window. These combinations of powerful immune effector payloads help to overcome tumor immune evasion and to prolong the persistence of the cellular therapies.

Challenges to Existing Cell Therapy Paradigm

Tumor Antigen Heterogeneity


Limited Therapeutic Window


Tumor Immune Evasion

Senti Bio's Gene Circuit-Enabled Features

Multi-Target Logic




Combinatorial Immunomodulation